The review and control of written terms with all insurers is key to protection of Client Money and CASS compliance for all insurance brokers and agents, whether they are holding money for clients, insurers or for both commingled.

CASS Wizard provides a smart Insurer TOBA CASS Checklist and integrated Insurer TOBA Register to assist in the review and documentation of Insurer TOBAs.  Completing the Insurer TOBA CASS Checklist updates the Insurer TOBA Register.

Upload insurer records from your IBA system into CASS Wizard to create a clear reconciliation of your active insurer accounts to TOBA records.

Manage the chasing of missing or non-CASS compliant Insurer TOBAs whilst a summary status is automatically maintained and passed into the CASS Dashboard Reporting.

CASS Wizard allows firms to quickly build a comprehensive Insurer TOBA Register that can then be efficiently maintained as new insurers are added and Insurers’ TOBAs are revised. It also provides a facility for indexing and storing of pdfs of all of the firm’s Insurer TOBAs.

CASS Wizard helps management to ensure that terms with insurers are consistent with the firm’s business model and compliant with CASS  by providing an effective  and comprehensive Insurer TOBA register.

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