Training is critical for CASS compliance.

All staff and management must understand what their own practical roles and responsibilities are in the processes and controls that ensure protection of Client Money and CASS compliance.

Management must therefore  ensure that all staff receive CASS training that is  relevant to their role and that they are CASS competent.

CASS Wizard helps management to:

  • Maintain information on all relevant staff and management;
  • Keep record of each individual’s allocation and acceptance of  Key CASS Control responsibilities set out in the CASS Mapping;
  • Identify the Client Money and CASS  training that individuals need to meet their responsibilities ;
  • Record the  CASS training received and  competence attained for each individual.

CASS Wizard helps  identify who needs what CASS  training and records when the training has been delivered effectively. This helps management to ensure that all staff are recorded as competent for their allocated roles in protecting Client Money and maintaining  CASS Compliance.

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