CASS Wizard provides a Repository for maintenance and digital storage of important documentation that is key to Client Money Protection and CASS compliance.

Use the CASS Wizard Repository to store:

  • Copies of all trust deed documents
  • Client bank account trust acknowledgement letters
  • Standard wordings for all the firm’s  TOBAs’, agreements and letters
  • CASS policy and procedure documentation
  • Completed Client Money calculations and reconciliations
  • Client by client reconciliations (CASS 5.5.69R)
  • CASS Job role description clauses
  • Third party service agreements
  • Any other CASS related information needed to support continued Client Money protection  and CASS compliance after any  business recovery event.

CASS Wizard’s Repository allows management to follow ‘best practice’ by maintaining a readily accessible, comprehensive and up to date  Client Money and CASS ‘Recovery Pack’.

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